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What is 5G?

5G is the new generation mobile network technology that provides ultra high-speed and uninterrupted low latency internet.

5G stands to revolutionize a wide variety of segments that will power innovations in almost every aspects of our lives.

5G makes available to play virtual games and allows you to watch movies in the highest quality, send huge data in a moment.

The integration of drone technology via 5G will significantly improve the efficiency in agriculture. 5G will also enable earlier diagnosis and mass monitoring of diseases in healthcare. 5G will take the use of "smart" villages and cities, and unmanned vehicles, to new heights.

Amazing 5G advantages!
Incredible high-speed

From 1 Gbps.
And this is starting point.

The highest buffering

No lag time when using a devices connected to 5G.

Huge density

Lots of devices accessing the network simultaneously, even in crowded areas.


5G coverage

  • Fountain square (19 H.Z.Taghizade str.)
  • Khagani park (Molokan park)
  • "Deniz Mall"

Test your 5G

Currently some of iPhone, Samsung, Xiaomi, Huawei, OnePlus, Poco, Vivo branded smartphones are available on the 5G network of the country. If your device doesn’t support 5G, don’t be upset. Bakcell created great opportunity for you to test 5G. Visit 5G Bakcell corner on Fountain Square and discover incredible super-speed!

icon5G ready for takeoff
To benefit from 5G:
Your smartphone should support 5G network in the country.
You should be on the area covered with 5G.
Dial  *501*1#  and get  5GB gift to test 5G.
iconInnovative solutions
Do I need to renew SIM card for 5G?
If your SIM card supports 4G LTE, no needs to get new SIM card. You can easily connect to 5G network with your current SIM card.
What is the speed of 5G?
5G speed starts from 1 Gbps.Visit Bakcell 5G corner on Fountain square and test the highest speed.
Is 5G expensive?
Currently, Bakcell tests 5G, and in order to benefit from this innovative technology, Bakcell presents a free internet pack. Subscribers can get benefit from this pack only once. No additional fee is applied to use 5G.
Which smartphone are available in Bakcell 5G network?
Currently some iPhone, Samsung, Xiaomi, Huawei, OnePlus, Poco, Vivo branded smartphones are available on the 5G network of the country. Samsung branded smartphones require permit from manufacturers to use 5G network in Azerbaijan. After the permits, the software will be updated and your smartphone can connect to the 5G network. Bakcell does its best to get the relative permits.
How to benefit from 5G?
  • Your smartphone should be unlocked for the 5G network in Azerbaijan.
  • Your SIM card must support 4G LTE.
  • You have to subscribe to an internet pack or use a tariff plan with an internet pack.
What areas are covered by Bakcell 5G?

Bakcell built the largest 5G testing network. The addresses are indicated below:

  • Fountain square
  • Khagani park (Molokan park)
  • “Deniz Mall”

Note: Some weather conditions, loaded network, technical optimization activity can affect 5G speed.

Which iPhone smartphones support 5G?

The 5G network can be tested on the 'iPhone 12' models and higher, which are running on iOS 16.4 system update or later. We will keep you updated on the availability of support for other smartphone models in the near future.